single pack $3.75
2 pack $6.90

+ available bristle colors: red, orange, green, yellow, blue
+ bristle type: medium (feels more like soft bristles)
+ shipped in a traditional toothbrush blister pack

single colors or 2 pack


2 pack $5.50
4 pack $10.50

+ Made from PP plastic and PVC
+ Made in the USA
+ Designed especially for goodjoy’s hooking toothbrush and razor, but can be used for hanging other bath and shower items like loofahs, exfoliating gloves, pumice stones on a rope, and soap-on-a-rope!
+ The best surfaces for the knobbie are metal, glass and ceramic tile. Surfaces must be clean and free from residue. Add a bit of water before sticking suction cup to surface.

2 pack or 4 pack


single pack subscription $23
2 pack subscription $35

+ purchase includes four toothbrush packs + shipping
+ single packs are ideal for singles and two packs are ideal for couples
+ specify at checkout if it is a gift. if it is, fill out the recipients address in the “ship to” form
   and specify any additional information when prompted
+ shipped in a traditional toothbrush blister pack
+ the subscription card is sent with the first toothbrush. preview the card here.

Subscription Type


4 pack $8

+ available in white with logo colors: red, green, yellow, blue
+ blade type: double blade with lubricating strip
+ handle is made from polypropylene (PP) plastic
+ blades slide off easily and handle can be recycled with your #5 plastics
+ packaging type: box



+ includes hooking toothbrush 2 pack
- 4 hooking razors
- 4 knobbies
- 1 zip pouch



+ made from stoneware
+ can be mounted to a tile wall or drywall using thin-set mortar, grout, or multi-purpose joint compound
+ for mounting alternatives the TP dispenser can be placed onto two nails, using the holes cast into the back side of the upper right and left hand corners
+ fits all toilet paper types and sizes
+ Made in the USA
+ available colors: warm white/satin, cool white/gloss, grey, turquoise




+ made from latex rubber
+ all designs are individually screen printed
+ care for swim caps by wiping down after use and applying talcum powder to interior and
   exterior sides of cap.
+ available designs: yellow/speedster, black with blue/jet star, white/classic racer, white with red/jet star, clubs are wild, blue with white/jet star
+ made in the USA





+ holds most soap bar sizes/shapes
+ soap shown in image is 3" across

Glaze Colors


$10 each or $45 for set of 9

+ buy individually or as a set
+ each tile is 4.125" square



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