Goodjoy is a small New York design studio founded on a twist of product fate, The Hooking Toothbrush. Believing that toothbrushes should not sit in a cup, but hang to dry because it is more hygienic. Since our invention was launched four years ago goodjoy has designed several bathroom objects. But we are not afraid to depart from the genre now and then, when it is deemed appropriate. The Café Racer swimming caps are a good example, and we were so happy when the MoMA decided to include them in their designer series- Destination NYC in 2013. Goodjoy loves to travel the globe and finds inspiration everywhere. This past summer we were in Columbia County in the Hudson Valley. Farm animals and wild animals were abundant, as were sunflowers. To see the Hudson Valley adventure and inspiration for new products view the movie below.

Please check back to see further adventures!

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